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concerning the start of your heated gloves

Questions about BATTERIES / CHARGER

The LED light on your gloves will start to flash before the battery life ends, when it is down to 20%. You can also check how much battery power is left on your app, and your smartphone will notify you when you are down to 20%.

Take out the 7.4 V batteries and plug them into the I.T Charger that came with the gloves. Charging time is approximately 3 1/2 hours. The light on the charger will then turn green. Do not use a power bank.

When you put the batteries in, the gloves are on ‘standby’ mode, and the power consumption is negligible. When you use your gloves, you put your hands inside, the LED light comes on, the glove is ON and it only starts to warm up when you need it to.
When you arrive at home / at the office, you take off your gloves, and the LED light goes off: the gloves are ‘on standby’ again. There is no need to take out the batteries.

No, for safety reasons, we cannot provide this function at present.

There is no problem with leaving the batteries to charge up for long periods of time, because the charging stops automatically once the batteries are fully charged.

No. Our batteries and I.T Series chargers are compliant in terms of the safety standards, and this may not be the case with a number of other products. We will not accept any responsibility in the event that you use different batteries and/or a different charger.

No, the batteries are designed to be water-resistant but they are not waterproof.

Questions about GLOVES

Warming products are not recommended for people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capacities. They are not recommended for those who are unable to feel hot or cold, or who have problems with sensation on the skin. You should obtain a doctor’s opinion prior to use.

The I.T Series products adapt to your needs depending on what your exact profile is, and enable you to have customized warming, which is only initiated when you need it, so as to keep you at a temperature at which you feel comfortable.

Yes, you can adjust the desired temperature using the mobile app.

Not a problem: simply do a reset in your app and calibrate the equipment for the new user, via a new account in the clim8 app.

Given that the gloves are partly made of leather, we would advise against doing this. Please refer to the user manual.

We have a specific, full-scale safety control at all levels: in the equipment, the software and the fabric, to ensure that the system has the maximum level of safety. Moreover, if the temperature goes above 45°, the sensor detects this and brings the warming process to a stop.

Check that your batteries are definitely charged up and correctly connected to your gloves. Make sure that the blue light on the glove is definitely on (automatic detection), and that the glove is definitely the right size for you, with the strap fastened. If the light on the glove still isn’t working, seek assistance in-store. If the light is working but the glove isn’t connecting to the app, try reinstalling your clim8 app.

It is possible that the conditions were not completely perfect when you calibrated the gloves, and the temperature that was set was not ideal. You can either alter the comfortable temperature manually, from the main screen, or using the parameters, by selecting ‘new calibration’.

Pair the app with the gloves. Then, from the app homepage, go into the app settings then click on reset.

In order to avoid problems with pairing, we recommend that you only calibrate one clim8 product at a time, so as to avoid having several different clim8 products connected in the same room during the calibration process. This can occur when a group of people wants to calibrate their devices at the same time.

The areas where warmth is supplied have been optimised so as to provide the best possible sensation, and consequently they do not cover every part of the glove.

This can happen if you did not calibrate the gloves under the right conditions, and if the temperature used as a reference is high. We advise you to calibrate the gloves again under the right conditions, or to lower the temperature manually.

If the glove is wet, it may be that the glove will stay switched on after you have taken your hand out of it. If this is the case, you should take out the battery and re-insert it in order for the system to function properly again.

Keep the devices switched off during the flight, with the battery taken out.

Questions about the APPLICATION

The system works with devices using iOS (version 9 and up) and Android (version 5 and up), fitted with bluetooth 4.0. For more information, take a look at your smartphone’s settings.

You need to have your smartphone with you when calibrating the product; however, your warming product works on its own, without your phone. All you need to do is make sure the batteries are charged up. If you have your smartphone with you, though, you can access some more advanced functions.

No. Your I.T Series products are designed to work on their own.

The first time you log in, the app will ask you for some basic personal data in order to define your thermal profile. Each person has different needs, depending on their different criteria. Without this non-personal data, the algorithm used by clim8 would not be able to deliver a customized experience that is tailor-made for each individual user. Furthermore, the on-the-ground feedback provided each time the app is used enables us to improve the performance of the warming system when you use it.

Check that you have an operating system (iOS 9+ or Android 5+) that is compatible with the system required. Close down the clim8 app completely and take out the batteries. Re-open the app and follow the instructions.

Make sure you are using a compatible operating system (iOS 9+ or Android 5+).

The clim8 system always strives to improve itself so as to provide the best possible user experience, and it therefore owes it to itself to ensure regular updates are made.

No. Unlike standard Bluetooth, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) only uses up a small amount of energy.

No, it is not possible to link more than one clim8 glove to the same account.

It is possible to connect a T-shirt and a pair of gloves fitted with the clim8 technology to the same account.

Yes, and the warming system operates as normal.

For all other questions,
please contact your nearest dealer