360° ORCUS


 ixon_ce CE certified Jacket and trousers


  1. 100% extra supple leather
  2. Perforated leather on shoulders, arms, chest and thighs
  3. Jacket and trousers connected by full 360° zip.
  4. Stretch inside arms, at crotch and behind legs on the full length: ease of movement, no discomfort on joints area.
  5. Flex leather on back of armholes and above knees
  6. Racing collar with rear in neoprene
  7. Aerodynamic hump
  8. 1 wallet pocket + 2 lining pockets + 2 internal pockets


  • Very sportive fitted and precurved sizing
  • The shoulder width is enlarged and the back is extended to follow the most sportive riding position.
  • The front is shorten and narrowed to avoid an excess of fabric
  • Shoulders are slightly bent to ensure that the protectors will stay in place
  • Arms are fully preformed and elbow protectors positioned accordingly
  • The design is very fitted, close to the body and slightly tightened on bottom