Common paths and goals

Bradley Smith is 23 years old and gained enormous experience in the 125 cc World Championship with impressive successes. Three victories, 20 podium finishes and the runner-up position in the 2009 World Championship. He joined the Tech 3 team in 2011, where he competed in the Moto 2 World Championship for two extremely competitive seasons and notched up three podium finishes in his first year.

In 2013 Bradley entered the premier MotoGP class signing a two year contract with the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha team. In his Rookie first season he finished a brilliant 10th position overall thanks to consistent results which included three sixth places. Next season Bradley intends to build on all the experience gained last year and be pushing hard for podium finishes?

C’IXON also took their first steps into the Grand Prix world in 2011 notably thanks to a three year partnership with the Moto 2 Tech 3 team. During those three years, the brand learned and improved, very much in the same way as Bradley, to reach the necessary maturity and know-how to become a brand leader on the track.

Our common goal for 2014 is to combine our efforts and expertise with podium finishes.

Interview with Bradley

You’ve just finished your first rides with your new IXON Equipment, what do you think?

I am a very demanding rider and have very special requests concerning dimensions and placement of protectors. This first suit was above all my expectations and we are already close to perfect. I am delighted.

What are your expectations in terms of equipment?

I need full adequacy between comfort and protection to feel safe and confident. I cannot think or feel about any discomfort regarding my equipment. “Comfort is Performance”, I ride with many fitted products which makes a huge challenge in terms of manufacturing and adjustment.

Why did you choose IXON to make your next step in Moto GP?

I need a company fully in line with me and with my objectives. This first suit is already very well built, and proves how IXON has progressed and matured. I am delighted to find with IXON the excellence I am looking for. IXON are paying attention to all my needs, driven by our joint aims to progress to become the very best.

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