The era of discovery and the pioneer motorcyclists, where a passion and a culture were born in the sixties. At that time, British bikes were the most popular, like Norton, BSA, Triumph and much more… inspired by aviation, the apparel was simple but efficient and scathing ; across the Atlantic, Harley Davidson was growing in a more rock and roll style along with the leather jacket “ Perfecto” worn by James Dean and Marlon Brando, icons that were also motorcycle addicts.


Galvanized by Mythic races like the Tourist Trophy and cult movies such as Continental Circus, competition history is underway. It represents the spirit of the first preparations of the bikes: the handlebars are lowered, bikes get fairings, saddlebag spoilers are installed as are many other racing accessories : the bike is becoming more sportive. Jackets become shorter and first reinforcements, mostly padded embossed, are appearing and they can afford it, riders are wearing leather pants and boots. Riders create their own race, leaving from a café, racing to a specific point and back to the café where they can talk about their fights and fears.


Inspired by legendary films like ‘’On any Sunday‘’ or ‘’The great escape’’ with Steve Mc Queen where the heroes were exploring new horizons and new sensations on the bike… this adventurer style is also in the classic trend of riders…the style is practical: big pockets, belts. Fabrics are high quality and very strong: waxed cotton are joining leather, and they are still used today for ready-to-wear, urban-style apparel.