100% of the made to measure suits are made in France, from pattern to leather printing, from cut to assembling. Thanks to this organization, and a constant presence on the ground, we are responsive and able to provide a flawless service to the pinnacle of world competition.

This approach fully meets IXON philosophy: fulfil clients/riders needs, innovate and anticipate, be in control of development and production, provide a stellar service.

The organization set up must meet all requirements of the queen category in motorcycle competition. You have to listen and be at the service of the riders while mastering the skills and the know-how. In addition with performance meeting deadlines is vital ; a presence on the ground constantly in contact with riders is crucial to keep this project going.


IXLAB, IXON innovation laboratory, is focused on 2 main missions:

  1. Manufacture 100% of the made-to-measure suits in a dedicated workshop in France
  • Become a must in Grand Prix world
  • Satisfy the most demanding riders of the planet
  • Improve our technical and industrial know-how


  1. Propose concept developments and product innovations
  • Engineering of new racing features
  • Ranges of products that meet every market
  • Development of new fittings (IXFIT)
  • Sourcing of new materials
  • Product tests for CE certification (Ixon CE Protective Technology)


Ixon Innovative Racing lab

Top world class riders deserve the utmost care and attention; with a mobile unit of IXLab, present on European Grand Prix, IXON invests in a structure that fulfils our ambition, by ensuring service and follow up of our riders, being also the perfect place for analyzing and development.



SOS REPAIR                                                                                                                                            



Our SOS Repair service is at your disposal for any request concerning the personalization, adjustment or renewal of your suit or jacket.



Branding (with patches provided or created from ai. or pdf files), lettering (number and name of the rider)





Ease adjustment of measures of your standard suit. Some adjusting is also possible with trousers and jackets in leather or textile if technically feasible.





Restoration of the stitching, cleaning, repairing, and dying of the damage parts. Possible on suits (IXON or another Brand) and partially on trousers and jackets.


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