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Choose the totally independent airbag

Airbags have been one of the top innovations for protecting motorcyclists in recent years and one of the most effective means of protection. In the event of a fall, the airbag is inflated, absorbing the impact on the upper part of the body, thus reducing the stress on highly exposed areas. The IXON airbag protects the collarbone, thorax, abdomen, neck and backbone.

IXON Airbag
IXON Airbag
IXON Airbag
IXON Airbag
IXON Airbag



An airbag born on the track with IXON riders and developed for all motorcyclists

Before arriving on the market, our airbag was developed on the race track with professional riders and on the road with motorcyclists.

IXON riders racing in Grand Prix (MotoGP), Endurance World Championship (EWC) and French Superbike Championship (FSBK) have developed the airbag in competition from 2016. When airbags became mandatory in MotoGP in 2018, the IXON airbag was one of the three systems approved by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).

IXON Airbag, racing development

The IXON airbag was also developed on the road by 500 motorcyclists riding 1.5 million kilometres all over Europe with the airbag. We made use of as much feedback and data as possible to enhance the airbag and produce the best possible product.

IXON airbag, road development



Pioneers in the most technological and innovative airbag category

The IX-Airbag U03 is an electronic airbag with no cable to fix to the motorbike or sensors to install. In our approach to innovation, we have been pioneers in the most technological and innovative airbag category: the IXON airbag was the first completely independent electronic airbag on the market, that is, an airbag that can be worn under any jacket or suit, like a vest. Its technological level, protective capacity and user-friendliness make the IX-Airbag U03 a reference.



Better protection means
a better riding experience

Opt for the universal, automatic, performant and comfortable airbag

IXON Airbag


Wearable under all jackets

IXON Vendetta Evo


No cables or sensors
Electronic detection system
Embedded algorithms

IXON Airbag


Electronic detection system: 33ms
Ultra fast inflation: 22ms
Protects thorax, abdomen, spine, neck and collarbone
/ CE certified
Integrated CE back protector
30-hour autonomy

IXON Balder Lady


Lightweight (1.3 kg/2.9 lb)
Stretch fabric allowing optimum fit
Ergonomic design
5 sizes
Breathable 3D mesh inside