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Innovation and Technology

Innovation at IXON is multidisciplinary. It is of course focused on our equipment and their features, but also on our ways of thinking and our working methods. So innovation is embodied in the products making up our ranges as much as in the members of our teams.

The Research and Development work carried out by our engineers and designers place technology at the heart of our products. This means, for example, that IXON products feature the best materials and components with the characteristics most adapted to a range of different uses.

Gants IXON IT Series


XDRY membrane


Innovating in our ways of thinking means that we have no hesitation in calling ourselves into question when the aim is to improve the performance of our products and the satisfaction of motorcyclists. To achieve our goal, we put to use our skills and our agility, as well as our organisational flexibility. Through this approach, we have developed, for example, a new textile technology: our own XDRY membrane. This is a high-performance laminated membrane, both waterproof and very breathable.

Discover the XDRY membrane
Membrane XDRY


Regarding the emergence of innovative working methods, we have notably developed partnerships with technology companies which are experts in their fields. Thanks to this kind of collaboration, the IXON brand includes some of the most innovative products on the market.




IT Series gloves
Smart heated gloves

With the IT-Series range, IXON has opened up a new era of performance in winter gloves as the market pioneer in smart heated gloves.

Connect your gloves to your smartphone using the dedicated app and choose the temperature you want inside the gloves. When you set off on your bike, the heating system is automatically launched and automatically regulated using continuous monitoring of your hand temperature.

You will no longer feel the cold, and you won't need to worry about the settings: even in very wintry conditions, you can concentrate 100% on your ride!

Gants IXON IT Series Gants IXON IT Series Gants IXON IT Series



IX-Airbag U03
The independent electronic airbag


After cabled airbags and radio-controlled airbags, electronic airbags have been the third generation motorcycle airbag in recent years.

This latest generation airbag does not involve attaching a cable or installing sensors. The IX-Airbag U03 stands out due to its technology and practical features: unlike electronic airbags which are directly incorporated into a jacket or electronic airbags that can only be fitted to certain brands of jacket, the IXON airbag was the first completely independent electronic airbag on the market, that is, an airbag that can be worn under any jacket or suit, like a vest.

Its technological level, protective capacity and user-friendliness make the IX-Airbag U03 a reference.

Discover the completely independent electronic airbag
IXON IX-Airbag U03
IXON IX-Airbag_Face
IXON IX-Airbag U03_Face gonflé
IXON IX-Airbag U03_Dos
IXON IX-Airbag U03_Dos gonglé