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Designed in France

Launched in France in 1996, the IXON brand has a record of very impressive growth. Today, it is the leader on the French market and is also the most widely sold French brand in the world, distributed in over 70 countries. Our heritage comes from France, but so does much of our expertise: our products are Designed in France.

IXON Fulham



France is known throughout the world for its style and clothes culture, and it's in France, at the IXON headquarters in Mâcon, that our products are born from the hands of our designers and our R&D team. 

IXON products are indeed developed at the brand's headquarters by our team of designers, all fans of motorbikes and clothes. Their aim is to create a link between the two worlds with a real guarantee to the user. Our design skills at IXON are expressed in the assurance for users of products which:

  • are thought out in detail, i.e are adapted to the user's specific activity and feature a high level of comfort while respecting fashion and trends;
  • include all the features required;
  • demonstrate a high level of manufacturing quality.



Our design expertise

IXON Vendetta

Products are
thought out in detail

IXON Ragnar

All the features required
are included

IXON Worker

High level of
manufacturing quality


In other words, the Designed in France approach at IXON means combining creativity, utility and high standards. This vision of design is expressed in the IXON clothes you wear when you are riding, products with a strong identity and dynamic lines.

We express this vision of design in the whole range of our products in order to meet the needs and tastes of each motorcyclist, along with price ranges that match all budgets. With 5 riding universes, a wide range of styles and varied colours, the diversity of our products is a chance to choose the IXON equipment to suit you best. This goal cherished by our brand is directly expressed in our motto, and even on the IXON clothing you wear on your motorbike: #RIDEYOURWAY!



Designed in France,
a guarantee of performance


By harmoniously combining creativity, utility and high standards, our Designed in France approach shapes our way of creating and developing our products. This approach is one of the guarantees of the excellence of our brand and offer.


IXON Breaker Lady
IXON Draco Lady IXON Ragnar et Eddas IXON Terreaux



Our vision of design
in all our ranges

You can see our vision of design in the 5 product ranges created by our brand.
Each range represents a riding universe: Racing, Roadster, Adventure, Urban, Heritage.

Racing (IXON Jackal)
Roadster (IXON Allroad)
Adventure (IXON Eddas)
Urban (IXON Bellecour)
Heritage (IXON Breaker)