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Our mission

IXON is a brand of motorcycling equipment created by and for motorcyclists. The company was founded in 1996 in France by Thierry Maniguet, a big fan of motorcycling. Today it is an international brand distributed in over 70 countries. But it has stayed close to its roots. Thierry Maniguet is still at the head of IXON, and our headquarters are still in France, in Mâcon. At IXON, we combine passion and expertise, so that the items you wear really meet your needs and help to enhance your riding experience.

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Our priority: your riding experience

We are convinced that along with the importance of your motorbike and the environment all around you, the equipment you use helps to shape your riding experience. 

At IXON, we have a committed approach: we want to play our part in your riding experience. To make sure you enjoy the best possible experience at the handlebars of your machine, we strive to provide you with the very best equipment. 

So, when you ride with IXON equipment, you will be using products which embody all our expertise in motorbike equipment: we provide you with products featuring a higher level of protection and more practical features for all kinds of conditions, while guaranteeing you high standards in style, design and comfort.

Since we want to provide you with the best products, our teams, and especially our designers spend a lot of time riding with our equipment. We are big motorbike fans and test our products out on the road ourselves. Comparing our analysis of older collections with feedback means we can define the changes and improvements required to create equipment that is always more adapted to your riding experience.



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A transversal approach to innovation
and technology at the heart of our products

To make sure our equipment brings you total satisfaction, we are continually looking for ways to improve our products. Our focus is on innovation and technology: we are convinced that these are the two driving forces that will lead to even higher levels of performance.

Our mindset
to offer you the best

Innovation at IXON is multidisciplinary. It is of course focused on our equipment and their features, but also on our ways of thinking and our working methods. So innovation is embodied in the products making up our ranges as much as in the members of our teams.

The Research and Development work carried out by our engineers and designers place technology at the heart of our products. This means, for example, that IXON products feature the best materials and components with the characteristics most adapted to a range of different uses. 

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